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Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a qualified Hypnotherapist and practicing Sound Therapist in residence at Music Hackspace / Somerset House Studios.  Working with the composition of improvised choreographic score by drawing from her experience as a touring session musician, to foster an interdisciplinary approach.

Current studies focus on communal performance in the context of astronomical myth, as a technology to transform consciousness. Combining archetypal symbols and storytelling with therapeutic and artistic applications of sound and movement. In order to induce and support inward journeys within a collective experience. Using a variety of techniques that function as rite of passage. To consciously compose and utilise alternate states of awareness. 

Conducting an investigation at the intersection of traditional therapeutic instruments and modern production tools, she is investigating the ability of sound and ritual form to support and direct the transformative power of performance, on an individual and collective level. Generating dialogue around the impact of evolving tools on creating synergistic community, culture and fulfilling creative practice.

As part of her therapeutic practice CURVE ASC, she is currently exploring the interplay of energies moving through the body and the cyclic rhythms of the natural environment. Through a series of seasonal soundbaths that overlay the multi-faceted properties of local herbs upon the changing seasons. Reflecting the energies of the time, embodied by the plant, inwards. Integrating and aligning ourselves to a vast psychospiritual system, presented to us by the response of the natural world to the passing of time.

This being an embodied study of the natural rhythms of the dialogue between body and eco-system. Opportunities for reconnection, restoration and reflection.

As the seasons come and go the plants that reach out to us have a story to tell. Their lessons and tales enrich our minds, bodies hearts, as well as having had a significant impact on the creation of our collective culture.