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Hello, my name is Nicole Marie Bettencourt Coelho, this is where the NMBC in the website title comes from. My pronouns are they / them.

I’m a  Sound Therapist, Hypnotherapist and  musician with an interest in semiotics, ritual forms and queering magic.  Currently immersed in studying the wider cultural context of sound and music practice, with a focus on identifying potentially therapeutic applications and communal creative practice.

My study explores the ability of sound and visualisation to effect transformation in various contexts of trance. Projects and workings are geared towards harnessing the physical and psychological impact of sound, so that people can explore, create, share and modify their inner and outer worlds.

Latest project: A year in residence at Music Hackspace / Somerset House Studios. Conducting an investigation at the intersection of traditional therapeutic instruments and modern production tools, I am investigating the ability of sound and ritual form to support and direct the transformative power of performance trance. Considering the impact of evolving tools and cultural contexts on creating synergistic community, culture and fulfilling creative practice. 

This study focused on communal performance in the context of astronomical myth, as a technology to transform consciousness. To find a methodology to harness the therapeutic applications of sound and movement, combined with embodied narrative, applied to the pulse of the seasons. Harnessing the ability of story and symbol to induce and support inward journeys within a collective experience. Using a variety of techniques that function as rite of passage.

My interest in these topics began from my experience as a touring musician, and my personal interest in the intersection of music, magic and spirituality. I became fascinated by the various states that were possible to generate when performing, composing and listening to music and sound. How can these techniques be consciously applied and harnessed?

As part of my therapeutic practice CURVE ASC, I see clients privately on a  1-1 basis. Taking an integrative approach to Sound Therapy / Hypnotherapy.  Tailoring these practices to the personal resonances and preferences of whoever I am working with at the time.

Pre Covid-19, I regularly held seasonal soundbaths, workshops and collective rituals centred around sound as a catalyst and container for reflection, transformation and integration. I’m interested in this on an applied individual or collective basis. 

[ Updated: 02 /06/2020 ]