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*Ritual Rig in progress

Ritual form as a technology to transform consciousness.

Discovering the threshold between an impulse or thought and its resulting action is a recurring
theme in my work, especially concerning repetitive, hypnotic phenomena. My interest lies in
our own biological technology, which functions as an interface between thought and form; and
the relationship between inner and outer worlds.

By exploring our physical senses and psychological blueprint, we are able to hack, enhance,
compose and alternate states of consciousness as we progress through life.

Symbolic, relative systems can be constructed or assimilated, and used as a tool to affect
change. I will be researching and exploring methods by which we can compose and utilise
these systems, through a variety of subjective techniques that function as rites of passage.

Utilising sound, symbol, and archetypal narratives in ritual form - I will be investigating the
transformative potential of art and creativity on a personal and collective level.

The query base will be slanted towards the context of therapeutic applications as well as
constructing various means of exploration for immaterial structures of the individual and
collective self.

[ 28 / 09 / 2018 ]

Interface: Sounding and the body / Infrastructure: Sounding in society.

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[ 29 / 11 / 2018 ]

Ritual as technology to create healthy communities; and to liberate the creative impulse.

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[ 13 / 12 / 2018 ]

Developing a continuous sound generating, beats and drone ensemble - ‘Hypnobot’.

*HypnoBot 1.0 [ 2018 ]