NIGREDO ritual was devised for IGNOTA BOOKS at Somerset House. A pleasure to contribute in
celebrating the launch of a publisher 'at the intersection of technology, myth-making and

'Nigredo', a ritual using ceremony, trance, sound and symbolic divisions of space. Ritual is a
technology to transform consciousness, taking us from the visible, rational and material to
that which is only felt. Magical thinking is the point at which all things intersect. In the ritual
space everything has meaning. Here inner and outer worlds can exist simultaneously without
contradiction, catalysing a dissolution of the subjective self. Participants: Nicole Bettencourt
Coelho, Lani Rocillo, Martina Saorin, Mario Benedetti, Sim Gray, Linda Burrato, Scout Creswick,
Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden, Ley Ley Coelho, Katy Dron, Flo Smith, Harold Wijetunge, Caitlin
McNamara, Daisy Smith.

FRIEZE : https://frieze.com/article/spells-present-tense-and-transformative-power-occult

📷: Ralph Pritchard

Astrology by Rory Keys: 

This year, the evening of Wednesday the 31st begins as the Scorpionic Sun sets over London at 4:30pm.

Mercury, the Lord of Wednesday, has already ventured into the first degree of Sagittarius - turning our
rational minds towards the themes of expansion, discovery & adventure, yet, the Key player in the
Heavens this evening is Venus.

A little over half-way through her retrograde journey in depths of Scorpio, Venus is yet to reappear as
Morning-Star. Her retrograde motion is widening the gap between herself and the Sun, and by November
7th the Goddess of Love will shine bright in the East before dawn.

On All-Hallow’s eve however, just before 8pm, Venus retrogrades back from the first degree of The
Scorpion to the 29th degree of The Scales. The sign of Libra is Venus’ home, and here she answers to no
one. No longer restrained by Mars’ obsession to dig deep & cut to the heart of the matter, Venus in Libra is
now free to do what she does best; encouraging harmony and equality between all, maintaining the peace,
and encouraging Unity where there was discord and imbalance previously. The full effects of Venus’ charm
will not be felt until she regains visibility in early November, yet her transition from the dungeons of
Scorpio to her own Domicile in Libra will be felt as a distinct shift in tone - away from brooding poisons &
potions, and towards one of love & acceptance.

Tonight, Venus’ return to Libra occurs as the Sign of Cancer begins to rise over London. Compassionate &
nurturing, the sign of The Crab is also home to the brightest and most benevolent star in the night sky:
Sirius, whose bright flashing colours will be seen in the East shortly before Midnight.

[ 31 / 10 / 2018 ]