CONVENT is a London-based Music Collective brought about to support women, trans and non-binary artists develop their practice through collaboration and cooperation, connecting music-makers from under-represented groups by providing the time and space to work/play.

1. February 11th

2. March 23rd     <<postponed due to Covid-19>>

3. April 30th        <<postponed due to Covid-19>>

Photos: Fiona Garden

A trio of workshops on creating, entering and sharing soundscapes. Facilitated by Nicole Bettencourt Coelho and Angela Won-Yin Mak.

We will be working with bass, guitar, effects pedals, drum machines, vocals, a synth, a toy keyboard and amplifiers. 

Over the three sessions we focus on:

1. February 11th

Effects basics: Familiarise yourself with your tools. A hands on approach. The basics of effects chains and processing sound. Incite the spirit of curiosity by exploring texture. The somatic experience of listening.

2. March 23rd     << postponed due to Covid-19 >>

Navigating sound: Creating drones, beats and noise. Observing and experiencing nuances within this soundscape. Extracting rhythm and melodies through deep listening. Locking in to trance and altered states. Induce an embodied interaction with sound.

3. April 30th        << postponed due to Covid-19 >>

Conscious composition: Applying principles of the first 2 sessions through musical improvisation. Collective experimentation within a shared sound space. Setting an intention, externalising emotion and processing narrative through sound.

You are welcome to bring any piece of gear that you would like to experiment with. Otherwise, everything will be provided. You can email Nicole with any tech related Q's at


Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a musician / sound therapist with an interest in semiotics, ritual forms and queering magic. Her work explores the ability of sound and visualisation to effect transformation in the context of trance. Projects and workings are geared toward harnessing the physical and psychological impact of sound, so that people can explore, create and modify their inner and outer worlds.
Instagram: @nmbc

Angela Won-Yin Mak is a musician interested in exploring the nature of opposing forces in sound via dissonance, harmony and noise. Her work has expanded to incorporate research into anthropological relationship to identity, as well as the physical and metaphysical architecture of sound.