E V E N T _ S E R I E S : Tuning into the Seasons: Soundbath Series

Autumn Soundbath
October 27th @ Apiary Studios

Drawing Close and Letting Go.
Boundaries between inner and outer worlds with Elecampane Root.


This series is based on an exploration of the body and it’s physical processes, as well as our internal states. By symbolically embodying the transformation of the seasons, we can harness this powerful actuality to work within our own lives. Noticing a resonance within ourselves, as we transform alongside the seasons; as part of Nature.

The organ associated with the upcoming season of Autumn is the Lungs and the surface of the skin. The lungs work with the breath in a constant process of drawing in and letting go. We block our airwaves if we hold on too tightly and risk hyperventilating if we let out too much air. The skin is the boundary between ourselves and the outside, drawing in what nourishes us and expelling toxins or excess. A strong limit to keep in what we need, that is flexible enough to let out what no longer serves us. 

The environment is also going through this process, shedding leaves and storing energy for the colder months ahead. We can learn from these natural processes, and apply them to other areas of our lives. Certain plants coming up at this time of year also share in this concord, and provide just what the body needs in terms of physical support. The folkloric and metaphoric properties guide and instruct us on emotional and mental levels.

The change of the season is an opportunity for us to reconnect and rebalance, increasing our conscious awareness of the transformative potential within. The poetic intelligence of our ongoing dialogue with the Natural world has much to offer, when we choose to engage.


As the seasons come and go, the plants that reach out to us have a story to tell.

A seasonal soundbath series, exploring the natural, cyclical rhythms of the environment within the context of local, seasonal herbs.
An embodied study of the dialogue between body and eco-system. An opportunity for reconnection, restoration, reinforcement and reflection. 

Tuning into elemental phases, by incorporating seasonal tonics, teas and tinctures.
Activating relevant energy channels in the body with Yogic postures. 
An hour long immersion in sound; Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Voice and Percussion. 

Facilitated by:

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a Sound Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She is also a musician in
residence at Music Hackspace / Somerset House Studios, investigating the transformative
power of performance and altered states of consciousness. Combining archetypal symbols and
storytelling with therapeutic and artistic applications of intuitive sound and movement, to induce
and support inward journeys within a collective experience. Investigating the potential of sound and
movement within ritual form, to support and direct the transformative power of embodied trance.


Martina Saorin is a 200hr certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) specialised in Hatha Yoga as well
as being an Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher, a level 3 Reiki Master
practitioner and a Sound therapist. She runs sessions and therapy through her London
based project “Yogic Sound”


[ 24 / 03 / 2019 ]