E V E N T : Trance Rhythms & Ritual Dance w/ Simone Campa

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Expanding on my research into altered states of consciousness and therapeutic sound, I have invited renowned expert in this field and dear friend, Simone Campa to host a one off, intensive workshop at the independent venue Siobhan Davies Dance. In association with the Movement /// Possession collective, which is a performance platform, for deconstructing traditional forms.

Two intensive workshops of ecstatic dance, based on the mystical traditions and ancestral rites of the Mediterranean. An intuitive body experience, facilitated by the hypnotic rhythm of drum, flute and voice in song. An immersion in healing sound, guided by Italian percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and sound therapist Simone Campa who is visiting us for this one of series. You are welcome to attend either date.

The search for pure abandon. A freer, more personal dance. An opportunity to reconcile ourselves with our natural movements; alone or in pairs, as an ensemble, in a circle, a row or a line. A transition between forms; of fullness and emptiness, tension and release, balance and imbalance.

The session includes practices of synchronisation between breathing, rhythm and movement, to enter into organic perception and modify modes of consciousness. The activation of individual parts of the body, which can be understood as somatic knowledge.

The urgent and obsessive rhythms of frame drum and tambourine, played bare handed. The unison strength of the collective and the removal of sublimated individuality.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Simone Campa will lead the session using several archaic and natural instruments; shells, stones, seeds, woods, rattles, sistrums, clay and terracotta percussion, marranzani, castanets and crepits. Typical shrubs of the Mediterranean will feature, such as scrub cistus, myrtle, broom, heather, arbutus.

Both workshops take place in the Roof Studio:

27th of July – from 6PM to 8:30PM (£35)

30th of July – from 6:30PM to 8:30PM (£30)

Clothing should be neutral and comfortable. Kindly avoid patterns or text. Feel free to bring food and water to ground yourself, but please avoid any disposable plastics. Unfortunately we cannot admit any latecomers, as it may be distracting to others.

Siobhan Davies Studios is a place to connect with others, designed with independent artists in mind but open and welcoming to everyone. If you have any queries or any access requirements, don't hesitate to ask. nicole@curveasc.com

[ 27 / 06 / 2019 ]