B A N D: V U V U V U L T U R E S
W E B S I T E: V V V _ B L O G

Vuvuvultures was a personal project, an experimental touring band based in London, UK from 2011 to 2014. It was very much a music / visual art collective in many ways. We released our music in-house through our label "Energy Snake Records" distributed by Universal / Cadiz and began by performing at our club night called "The I5land". The I5land combined at times rather theatrical music performance, plus immersive themed environments, installation and lighting design - mostly running on collaborative favours and found resources on Gumtree Free and London streets. Music production was headed up by our guitarist Paul Ressel, all lighting done by our friend McDeath, all videos and shoots directed and shot by our friends, release plans + merch + bookings mostly done in house - it was one big DIY Addams family.

My role was to make bass and electronics noise , song-writing, design / branding / creative direction, running the label / club night,  booking and overall general management. An intense crash course in a rapidly mutating music industry. We were very inspired by sci-fi and cyber-punk. Our identity was along the lines of: "enjoys blurring the lines between human + machine". Live performance and connecting with our audience was important to us, and our shows leaned towards the extreme as visceral as it was technical.

We enjoyed exploring the boundaries of electronica till it began to feel human, and (vice versa); this played a big part in informing our creative process. Where did the human expression end and the technological constraint begin? And the other way around? Lush textures or angular noise? Pop or abstract improvisation? Fragile beauty or Grotesque malfunction.. We really strove to push our equipment (or create instruments and ensembles) to the point where the technology itself began to feel like it was talking back, a seemingly conscious entity participating in a dialogue. We spent a lot of time finding new ways to subvert our own expectations, and a lot of the seeds of our songs came from loops chopped out of totally free-form chaotic noise sessions.

Most of all, we were fortunate to have had the experience to be able to work closely in a supportive team of loving friends. London is a hard city to come of age, and it really felt like being part of our own little family / community, as we all supported each other as we developed our skills and refined our individual creative expressions.

“Vuvuvultures teeter between two worlds (sometimes literally), ultimately sounding like the most glorious pop song pushed into a dark and bottomless abyss.” - Clash Magazine

"The I5land is the most forward-thinking event of the East-End's nightlife. Working to a tight budget, the venues are decorated with abandoned street findings, creating a raw, interesting and absolutely unique party space." - Cheap Monday / Relative MO

Vuvuvultures aim is to make music that mirrors the feeling of reading dystopian novels such as Brave New World, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and Gravity’s Rainbow. "We want to make the sound of reading those stories, That is a massive influence on us. We love the idea of putting our brains into a different world completely." - The Argus

d e b u t _ L P [2013]
‘A talisman of processing the trauma of oppressive forces, and steeling ourselves in
solidarity - as a resistance to them.‘

d e b u t _ E P [2011]

p h o t o s

[ 2011 - 2014 ]