W O R K S H O P S /  F I L M _ S O U N D T R A C K: all is leaf. so to amplify the wonder

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all is leaf,
so to amplify the wonder.

A new project supported by ACE and Barbican. A series of workshops over the Summer
lead by artist and filmmaker Rosalind Fowler in collaboration with herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad
and sound therapist Nicole Bettencourt Coelho at food growing cooperative Organiclea’s 12-acre
site bordering Epping Forest.

During the sessions, we will gather in a wooded space on the land designed and created
together with artist and ecological architect Claudia Palma. A series of herbal vision
cards will be used to divine a herb, before leading the group on a journey to encounter
this traditionally sacred plant growing wild on site. Sounds, sensory herbal immersion,
and meditative practices will be used to support direct experiences of the plant, inspired
by its folklore, astrology, symbolic and healing properties.

On return to the gathering space, impressions, memories and images will be shared
through drawing, mapping and conversation. Herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad will follow
on the session by sharing her knowledge of the plant encountered and we will finally
create a simple remedy to take home.

Materials gathered during these workshops will later be re-imagined and re-interpreted
as part of new participatory film work exploring our multiple relationships to plants.

The workshops are inspired by poet and ecologist Goethe’s belief that all plant knowledge
is held within us and can be accessed through direct impressions and intuitive encounter,
a view aligned with shamanic and indigenous cosmologies around the world.

This project calls for re-enchantment with plants and a radical re-thinking of our
relationship to nature at a time of ecological crisis, forming new connections between
individual bodies and land through experience, creativity, and collective action.

The work coincides with and aims to raise awareness of an emerging community
Apothecary planned for the Borough led by Rasheeqa and Organiclea. We will be
working with herb growers and gardeners across the Borough of Waltham Forest
including a partnership with the Drawing Shed growing community based on a
housing estate in E17.

The film work will be installed at a new Barbican festival Leytonstone Loves Film, and beyond.

[ 16 / 06 / 2019 ]